Tumbled Tomatoes

I think tomatoes are probably the best thing that comes from the earth! I created these ”bet you can’t eat just one” salt and herb-crusted tomatoes as a quick cocktail snack. It is the simplest recipe but it is a favorite of nearly everyone I know. I make Tumbled Tomatoes at least twice a week to snack on, or have on hand when friends stop by unexpectedly for a drink. I am addicted and most of my friends are addicted as well— but hey, it's a healthy addiction!

1          tablespoon Herbes de Provence

1          teaspoon coarse sea salt

½        teaspoon dehydrated garlic

 2          pints cherry tomatoes  

Mix herbs, put in a salt grinder or pulverize slightly in a mortar and pestle.  If you don’t have either, just skip that step.

Wash tomatoes in cold water and remove all excess water, but do not dry.  Toss tomatoes with herbs until it is evenly mixed.  Refrigerate until all water is evaporated, tossing tomatoes in bowl occasionally until herb and salt mixture has formed a crust on the tomatoes.

Serve Chilled

Serves 4-6