Grill-Roasted Whole Sweet Potatoes

This recipe is easy to expand or decrease to fit any number of diners from 1 to as many potatoes your grill can hold.

Use the same technique, just remember, you must use the indirect method and the more you cook, the longer it will take.

Gary's Sausage Stuffed Cornish Hens

Serving Size - 4 people


4 whole medium sweet potatoes, preferably Garnet Variety Olive oil Kosher Salt White pepper, optional Unsalted butter, optional


Grilling Method: Indirect/Medium Heat

Choose medium-size potatoes, about 5 inches long and feeling very heavy for their size. Clean off any dirt and bad spots with a rough brush or veggie cleaner. Dry well. Coat all over with a thin coating of olive oil and prick the tops with a fork or with the end of a sharp knife about three times.

Place potatoes in the center of the cooking grate and grill-roast for about 1 hour or until the skin is crisp and the inside is meltingly soft. Turn once halfway through the cooking time, you can usually tell that the potato is done if there are dark caramelized bubbles of the natural sugars on the outside of the skin.

Remove from grill and make a slit in the top of the potato. Using a fork, fluff the meat of the potato and season it with salt, mixing well. Continue seasoning with white pepper and butter if desired. Serve immediately.

SidesElizabeth Karmel