BlackRedGrillFriendsLogoTo me grilling is about FUN and FUNCTION. My line of Grill Friends® and Kitchen Friends™ cooking and grilling tools combine fun, contemporary colors and features with functional designs. After 15 years of grilling and cooking for a living I’ve learned a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work. When I design these pieces, I make sure that each bugsigitem in my line will work as well — around the grill or in the kitchen — for the new cook as it does for me. Each piece is both FUNCTIONAL and FUN because when it doesn’t function, you dont have fun!

Elizabeth Karmel's Kitchen Tools

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Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends 12-Inch Silicone Tongs come in attractive Black. The Grill Friends Super Silicone Multi-Use Tongs are the perfect partner for the Grill Friends Super Silicone Stop-and-Go Tongs. The Grill Friends Super Silicone Multi-Use Tongs are made from professional strength stainless-steel and black heat-resistant silicone.

You do not need to put your tongs away once the food is cooked. It is the favored tool of chefs, caters and savvy home cooks to transfer all types of food even desserts to plates and serving platters.

It is Elizabeth Karmel's secret carving weapon. A good pair of tongs holds the food steady and wont puncture the meat like a fork as it is carved. And, once the food is on the table, they are the best serving utensils.

Besides having all of the same benefits of the Stop and Go Tongs, the black and silver look goes with any serving style. These strong 12-inch stainless-steel Grill Friends Super Silicone Multi-Use Tongs have an extra-long heat-resistant silicone cushion on the sides for handling comfort and beveled tong tips that make it easier to pick up and get under foods. Perfect for serving, perfect for handling food and they also are great with a saute pan or at the grill when you don't need to keep track of the raw and the cooked! Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends 12-Inch Silicone Tongs are the best on the market.


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Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends 13-inch Porcelain Egg Crate

This french-style white porcelain egg dish holds twelve eggs. It's perfect for storing eggs in the refrigerator and serving deviled eggs. For anyone who has purchased a new refrigerator and noticed that it didn't come with an egg holder, this one will fit perfectly in the egg secton of most refrigerators.  It has a solid white porcelain construction with a lovely glossy finish. Move away from using old cardboard egg cartons and make those holiday deviled eggs look better than ever with Elizabeth Karmel's Porcelain Egg Holder. Dishwasher safe.


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You have got to season to taste, that is the secret of every good recipe. Have a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour & bitter. But you need to have a taste of what you are cooking in order to know if you are on the right track!

Now with Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends Bamboo Tasting Spoon, you can stir and taste without ever having to switch spoons! Add the smooth, natural beauty of sustainable and renewable bamboo and you now have the perfect Cook's Companion! It has never been so easy to be a good chef!


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The Everyday Brining Bags smaller size makes it ideal for a pork roasts, pork chops, chicken and chicken pieces even hearty fish like catfish.  Perfect for marinades or brines, these provide an alternate to having to clean-up dishes used to marinade in. The disposable one-time use means that clean-up is a snap!


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Americans love pizza and Americans love to grill--put them together and you have your own made-at-home version of a wood-oven pizza, straight from your gas or charcoal grill. Pizza on the Grill contains 100 recipes for innovative, just-got-to-make-it pizzas--including dessert pizzas--that will make you the backyard patio grill meister or mistress of your neighborhood--think Thai One On Pizza, Pulled Pork Pizza, and Fig, Walnut, and Rosemary Pizza, along with traditional classics like Pizza Margherita and Little Italy Pepperoni Pizza. Each recipe will contain music-to-grill-by and drink suggestions, as well as appetizers and salads to round out the meal and make this a one-top entertaining resource.


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Rose Levy Beranbaum created Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip to help cakes bake more evenly. Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip keeps sides of cake moister and prevents doming and over browning. Fits 9" round and 8" square pans. Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip is ready to use right out of the box. It looks and performs like new for years. Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip is oven safe up to 500F/260C and is dishwasher safe. Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip attaches quickly and easily, simply invert the pan and slip the Cake Strip around the sides. Do Not subject Cake Strip to direct heat such as a flame or broiler.*Pan not included.


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Sarah's Sea Salt Mediterranean Salt combines a blend of Mediterranean Sea Salt, spices, garlic, lavender, canola oil, rosemary oil and basil oil into a unique spice that needs to be tasted to be believed. We have used it for years as a spice for pork chops and nothing is finer than a beer can chicken seasoned to perfection with this spice. Give it a try, we are sure it will not disappoint!

Sea Salt, Herbs, Spices, Garlic, Lavender, Canola Oil, Rosemary Oil and Basil Oil


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GrillFriends Sizzlin Skillet Grilling Basket

Sturdy mesh construction allows for maximum caramelization while containing small vegetables, shellfish and more. Use on direct and indirect heat sources. Handle folds in for easy storage. Dishwasher safe. Measures: 11" dia x 2-1/4" deep

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