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Main Ingredient - Sweet Potato or Yam
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

The tart-sweet-savory combination of apple cider, vinegar and olive oil brings out the natural sweetness and contemporizes sweet potatoes—we promise no one will miss the marshmallows! The Girls have written the recipe for the grill, but it can also be roasted in a 400 F oven for the same cooking time. 

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

This recipe is easy to expand or decrease to fit any number of diners from 1 to as many potatoes your grill can hold. Use the same technique, just remember, you must use the indirect method and the more you cook, the longer it will take.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

This is one of the first “unusual” foods that I tried nearly a decade ago. Since then, it has become commonplace for me and hundreds of people that I’ve encouraged to make it. But it is still one of my top-ten all time favorites. Although, they take a while to cook, resist the urge to pre-cook the potatoes. They are sooo much better cooked entirely on the grill.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

This is best served warm or at room temperature. If you make it the day before, take it out of the refrigerator and let it come up to room temperature before serving.

recipe image
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

“Fantastic!!!” says the Girls friend Rose Levy Beranbaum. And we know she has good taste! Check out all her books including The Pie and Pastry Bible.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

If you aren’t fond of Bourbon or don’t like cooking with spirits, you can substitute fresh squeezed orange juice—it won’t taste exactly the same but it will still be delicious! If you can find Garnet sweet potatoes in your area, buy them. We think they are sweeter and have a more delicate texture, the garnet potatoes have a reddish skin (see photograph) instead of the standard brown-orange skin. This mash is great all year ‘round served with grilled chicken, pork, beef and of course stuffed cornish hens

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