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Main Ingredient - Sausages
Created by Elizabeth Karmel
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Gary and his wife Mary are two of our BBQ buddies from Memphis and this recipe is pure Memphis! Cute little Cornish Game Hens stuffed with sweet Italian sausage and grill-roasted on a bed of fresh rosemary. Mmmm…Mmmm good is all we have to say. Gary de-bones the birds himself—the Girls have the butcher do it, but either way, once the bones are gone this recipe is as easy as pie to make. Leave time for a good long (over night) soak in the marinade and the hens are ready for the grill. Gary serves the stuffed fowl with mashed sweet potatoes and wild rice, both can be made while the hens are grilling.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Fully cooked smoked sausage makes this crowd pleaser a breeze to grill up and serve. The sauerkraut is made in advance, so all you have to do is grill the sausages to warm through and sear. The dressed up mock sauerkraut substitutes grated apple for cabbage for a fresher, sweeter alternative to traditional sauerkraut. This recipe transforms the same-ole grilled sausage to a much asked for"secret" grill recipe.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

This is the uptown version of a Wisconsin brat fry. For best results, use the pre-packaged “gourmet” sausages that are sold by companies such as Han’s or Bruce Aidells, or any apple-sage sausage offered by your butcher.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel
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