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Main Ingredient - Pumpkin
Created by Elizabeth Karmel
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Created by Elizabeth Karmel
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

The Girls’ favorite part of Pumpkin Pie is the Bourbon Whipped Cream, so we either make the recipe on the back of the Libby’s pure pumpkin can or have a guest bring the pie, but we always make the whipped cream. It is amazing what a difference a little Bourbon makes to the flavor of the whipped cream—and the pie! But make sure you use the best quality Bourbon you can find. If you are not normally a Bourbon drinker, go to the Liquor store and purchase an “airplane” bottle of the finest brand that they sell, it’ll cost very little but make a big impact on your recipe. This tip goes for any alcohol that is called for that you might not ordinarily have on hand.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

These muffins are much more savory than sweet and are a nice wholesome accompiment to turkey and trimmings. Be sure to save a few extra because they really shine when split and used for leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches!

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