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Main Ingredient - Oysters
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

They say, it was a brave man who first ate an oyster (raw). If he had had a grill handy, it wouldn’t have been a courageous act at all! This technique grills whole closed oysters. They open naturally when they are cooked eliminating the need for gloves and oyster knives.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Oyster Rockefeller: A Short Story For those of you who are interested in the history of the dish, this famous recipe actually came from Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans and not New York City! According to Antoine’s website, the story goes something like this: Around 1850, Antoine Alciatore, the original owner of Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, made a specialty dish of snails called "Snails Bourguignon" which was very popular. In 1899 when Jules Alciatore took over the business, there was a shortage of French snails. He decided to create a similar recipe that used local Louisiana gulf oysters so that he would never have any trouble in procuring the ingredients he needed. Mr. Alciatore is said to be a pioneer in the art of cooking oysters (as they were rarely cooked before this time). According to legend, a customer exclaimed with delight after eating this dish, "Why, this is as rich as Rockefeller!" The dish was given the name Rockefeller because the green

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