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Main Ingredient - Coffee
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

     The first thing that I ever picked out to bake with my mother was a lemon blueberry bundt cake.   I saw an ad for the blueberry cake with lemon-yellow icing and it was the most sophisticated, beautiful cake I had ever seen in all my years! My mother indulged me, we bought the mix, made the cake and it was beautiful, but as a mix it tasted like a mix!

   Even at five, I was disappointed. But my mother had a happy solution. The very simple and very classic Sour Cream Coffee Cake. We made that coffee cake for years together and then I made that coffee cake myself every time I went to or hosted a brunch. Over the years, I tweaked it, adding a double layer of streusel as a topping and as a filling and adding more pecans—it was and is still a crowd pleaser! We make it and serve it five mornings a week at Hill Country Chicken for breakfast; baked the old-fashioned way in a bundt pan and sliced just where the ridges fall. I also love baking it in the mini bundt pan so everyone gets their own individual coffee cake—this is especially appealing on a buffet.

     So, it is understandable that I can’t make a Sour Cream Coffee Cake without thinking of my mother which makes it the perfect mother’s day brunch item or even light dessert. You can substitute walnuts for the pecans if you like and even add coconut or a bit of chocolate to the coffee cake base that is rich and moist without being heavy.   I’d bet that I could even add blueberries to the batter and glaze the coffee cake with a lemon icing to make the lemon blueberry bundt cake of my childhood dreams—and maybe that is what I should make for my mother this year!

     The cake is even better baked the day before, eliminating the work in the morning.   I like serving it with a savory sausage-egg strata that can also be assembled the night before and baked just before you want to eat. Add a fresh fruit salad and you have a perfectly delicious and a perfectly balanced brunch for mom that anyone can make.

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