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Main Ingredient - Fruit Dishes
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Mango adds a cooling sweet tartness to this traditional Mexican combination of citrus and jicama. The grating of the jicama gives this cool side dish the texture of an American slaw and is a welcome change from the cabbage and mayo slaws that we eat all summer!

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Prepare these in advance, or set out cut fruit in bowls along with some skewers and encourage guests to assemble their own kabobs.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel
Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Grilling transforms fruit from something you are supposed to eat to something you really want to eat. Feel free to substitute any fruit that is in season, providing its big enough to fit on a skewer.

Created by Elizabeth Karmel

Grilling the watermelon adds a smoky note that turns the watermelon from sweet to savory and the heat concentrates the flavor. Dressed with a mixture of fresh lime and fresh orange juice re-creates the sour oranges of the Caribbean and balances the sweet watermelon. Finally, the fresh mint cools the heat of the cayenne pepper and makes the grilled watermelon salad refreshing and perfect for the dog-days of summer! If you want it to be more substantial, add the sprinkle of crumbled feta for a new-wave Greek salad!

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