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Allen’s Boots
The place to buy boots in Austin Texas! I make it a habit to go to Allens every time I visit Austin. They are friendly and knowledgeable and they really love boots! They’ll help you, smiling all the way, even if it takes hours to make up your mind!
Billecart-Salmon Rose Champagne
I am a sucker for pink Champagne and this little know Cuvee Elizabeth is my all-time favorite, natch! It is a beautiful color. Perfectly balanced and pairs beautifully with all my favorite foods. It’s the kind of champagne that you can drink all night long—for a special occasion. Domaine Carneros sparkling rose or the non-vintage Billecart-Salmon are my house picks for a sparkling rose that is fraction of the cost of the cuvee Elizabeth!
Bitters are making a comeback but I have always loved them! Angostura is my favorites but I love all the new bitters that are cropping up. Especially the orange, fig and cardamom ones. I drink it most often in club soda. It’s refreshing and a great way to have a festive cocktail that won’t pack a punch. Interestingly, it’s also known as a great cure-all for hangovers.
Blending Fork
There are whisk cooks and wooden spoon cooks and fork cooks, I am a fork cook and I come from a long line of fork cooks. There is very little that I can’t do with a fork. A blending fork is best but any large serving fork will do. It’s the best tool to mix, and mash and stir everything from scrambled eggs to pie crust and compound butters.
Crystallized Ginger
Ginger is one of those things that you love or hate. I love it by itself, baked into pumpkin muffins or as a secret ingredient in my homemade granola. It also works wonders when your tummy is feeling a little funny and comforting melted into a tea on a cold winter’s night.
Fage Yogurt With Cherry
What did we do before Fage came to our dairy case? I often drained and strained my own yogurt, but now “Greek Yogurt” dominates the category. As far as I know, Fage is the only authentic Greek yogurt and still my favorite. For a real treat, I but the FAGE with the cherry fruit topping on the side. Definitely cravelable!
I simply can. not. live without it. I drank the Apple “cool-aid” and I have to say that it delivers and performs better than any phone I’ve had and I had most of them before the iPhone. Plus the 4s is as much a camera as it is a phone—and we all know that the best camera is the one you have in your hand—at the time of that priceless shot! I am somewhat evangelical about the iPhone but I swear every friend who has eventually switched has told me that I was right;).
Jack Black black tea lip balm
This lip balm is made for men but works great for women too. I first borrowed it from a friend but now I buy my own. Because it is made for men, it doesn’t slide off, it’s almost matte—not slick and oily and the scent is very subtle. Try it; you’ll never have chapped lips again!
L'occitane Lavender Shea Butter Soap
I love almost everything L’occitane makes but the Lavender soap is amazing. I use the liquid hand soap in my bathroom for quick hand washes and the bar soap in my shower. It will transform your bathing rituals!
L.L. Bean Tote Bags
Anyone who knows me knows that this is the bag I carry everyday. It’s perfect for taking to the restaurant, using as an airplane carry-on, gym bag, computer bag…anything you can think of tote bag. I make my own and add a zipper top and an outside pocket for security and convenience.
Lance malt crackers
There are some foods of your childhood that you can never let go! Lance crackers are those foods for me! I like the Toastchee and I like the Toasty but I LOVE the Malt. Every time I go home to North Carolina, I bring them back in my luggage—although I just discovered that you could buy them on Amazon! The are virtually free of fake foods and are great for tiding over hunger. I always keep a “pack of nabs” as I grew up calling them in my bag at all times!
Lavender Towlettes
There is nothing more soothing that wiping my sweaty face with pure essential oils of lavender, or orange, or peppermint in the middle of summer or after tending a smoky hot grill. I use these luxurious herban essentials as a tiny, but mighty reward after a workout! Lavender is my everyday scent but all the choices are lovely. They are also the official hand wipes on The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck—gotta love that!
How I love cowboy boots and Lucchese is my go-to brand. The fit is like a glove and the styling is rugged and classic. I also really like the newer Charlie Horse brand made by Lucchese, which has more fashion forward styles of boots. The ostrich skin feels like your wearing bedroom slippers! I wear these almost every day!
Microplane Grater
It used to be that a minimalist in the kitchen said all they needed was three knifes (chef, paring and serrated) and a peeler. Now even the minimalist needs the three knives, a peeler and a microplane. This handy tool, re-purposed from a carpenter’s rasp is the best tool for grating hard cheese, garlic, shallots and zest of any kind. A must have essential for any cook!
Nespresso Lattissima
Oh my! This. Is. My. Morning. Essential! It puts a smile on my face and upgrades my morning coffee to a 15-minute vacation every single day. I have been a big Nespresso fan and user for many years but when they went into partnership with DeLonghi to make a machine that will make perfect espresso and heat and foam milk at the same time, my dream coffee maker was born. You can choose between a latte, cappuccino, espresso or lungo by pushing a button. My double shot skim cappuccino is super simple to tailor-make. Worth every penny and I love the selection of coffee too!
Old Gringo Boots
When you want to channel vintage cowboys and cowgirls, this is the brand for you. Opened in 2000, the boots are much “fancier” than other brands. They are well made and I especially love my red suede Old Gringos and my girly embroidered Old Gringo boots. Many of the styles are sized for a wider foot so you must try them on—I have to wear sweat socks with my first pair!
The little green nut! I was introduced to pistachios at a young age because my grandmother and my parents all loved pistachio ice cream. I love the ice cream but I mostly love cracking the shell and snacking on pistachios. I always have a bowl of pistachios set out—they are a simple and elegant nibble any time of the day and especially with drinks! I never understood why the shells were dyed red and our house was the only house on the block that didn’t have the pistachios in the red shell—my parents didn’t like the dye! So, I did a little research and this is what I discovered: as we all know now, the shell of the pistachio is naturally a beige color, but it is sometimes dyed red or green. Originally, dye was applied to hide stains on the shells caused when the nuts were picked by hand. Most pistachios are now picked by machine and the shells remain unstained, making dyeing unnecessary. Another little fun factoid according to Wikipedia is that the pistachio is one of two nuts mentioned in the Bible—almond is the other. The pistachio is mentioned only once, but the almond is mentioned many times.
Shun nakiri knife
“Shun” like moon. That is the way that the company will tell you how to pronounce their brand name. I love these Japanese-made knives. I recently discovered the nakiri. In my mind, it is a cross between a santuko and a cleaver. I love it for chopping just about anything but especially for vegetables.
Smart Water
I swear it makes me smarter!! The electrolytes in the water make you feel energetic and hydrated and it is smooth and easy to drink you 8 glasses (or more!) I think that their process is akin to reverse osmosis and you can actually have one of those filters installed in your home. Now, that would be a smart decision!
Sara Blakely made unmentionables something brag-able when she launched Spanx! Instead of hiding the fact that you wear Spanx, stars and celebrities of all kinds brag that their smooth tush is compliments of Spanx. I am still hooked on the original footless panty hose but they now have everything imaginable to hold in the exceses of life—now for men too!!
St Francis Zinfandel
The style of this rich red wine is perfect for grilled and barbecued foods. It’s been one of my favorite California reds for years. The St. Francis reserve wines are now being sold under the able Wild Oak. Check them both out! The St. Francis chardonnay is also great!
Ugg Slippers
I’ve got them on right now! I love how they mold to my feet and keep my toes warm and toasty! I never wear them outside so they stay clean and I can wear them non-stop, put my feet on the furniture etc. They last so long that you only need to buy them every 3 years or so, so the value is there too. These are good for girls, boys and kids too! Might even prevent colds and flu in the winter—or so my father told me.
Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill
I love this little grill. And it is so easy to put together! When I got my Q, I put it together with the help of my 9 year old nephew. It’s that easy! If you can read, you can assemble this grill. I really like the portable cart which moves easily but is very sturdy! It’s a small grill that cooks like a big grill!
Weber Ranch Grill
If I had a big backyard, this would be the centerpiece of the yard! Ever since the first time I made a suckling pig on the Ranch, I coveted that grill. It is the very definition of a party grill! If you have the space, it’s a must!
Weber RapidFire Chimney Starter
Never try and start a charcoal fire without one! The Weber Chimney starter is high-capacity, double that of many chimney starters on the market. What that means is that one Weber Chimney Starter full of gray-ashed charcoal is exactly what you need to grill food using either the direct or indirect grilling method in your kettle grill. The second handle also balances the weight, making it safe and easy to empty the hot coals into the grill!
Weber Seasonings Molasses BBQ Sauce
As a southerner and a molasses lover, I love that Weber uses molasses instead of high fructose corn syrup! My favorite variety is the Original flavor but all five flavor are mighty tasty!
Weber Summit Grill
This grill makes you the master of the grilling universe. It is my favorite gas grill. The size, the front-to-back burner configuration, the heft of the stainless-steel cooking grates all add up to one super-fantastic grill! The smoking box is a big bonus! And makes it easy to cook authentic Southern barbecue and add a kiss of smoke to other foods as well! I always advise people to buy the best grill that they can afford because in no time, you will “grow” into it!
I never leave home with out them! The flat re-sealable envelope style package of hand wipes is perfect for your pocket, pocketbook or backpack. I prefer the “sensitive” skin green product but the red and yellow work just as well! Germs be gone!

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